Work Positions

  • 2021 2012

    Wearcheck & Lubrigard

    Burlington, Ontario, Web Applications Programmer

  • 2012 2004

    Amazing Electronics

    Dominican Republic, Director of Technology

  • 2003 1996


    Hamilton, Ontario, Founding Partner

    Folded Tristo Web Design into

  • 1997 1996

    McMaster University

    Hamilton, Ontario, Software Specialist

  • 1996 1995

    Tristo Web Design

    Hamilton, Ontario, Ownert

Education & Training

  • Certification 1995

    Computer Systems Technology

    Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology

Technology & Work Timeline

  • 2021
    Era of Being Awesome
    Lately Michael has been focussed on being awesome and selling his NFTs. He messed around with Crypto but no lambo yet.
  • 2014
    Android App Development
    Michael created his first Android app. A sports statistics app that calculates match-up statistics for every upcoming game in Major League Baseball, NFL Football, NHL Hockey and NBA Basketball. There was a need for these stats for sports fanatics and the app filled that need. The app is called and is also a website providing Sports Matchup stats.
  • 2013
    Sencha Ext.js Training
    Certified in Sencha Ext.Js and Sencha Architect. Sencha is a MVC javascript framework for creating cross platform web applications.
  • 2010-2014
    Programmed extensively in PHP and Javascript
    During this period Michael worked mostly in PHP and Javascript. Server technologies were learned here using Ubuntu Linux.
  • 2004-2010
    Amazing Electronics Era
    During this period Michael programmed in Classic ASP as well as PHP. Search engine optimization skills were continuously updated and refined. Email marketing was a big part of this time period, sending out to mailing list of over 600,000 subscribers.
  • 1999 - 2003 Era
    During this era Michael programmed in both ASP and PHP and was system's administrator to many Linux and Windows Servers. He dealt directly with many end-user customers for their design and programming needs, as well as with many agencies that they formed strategic partnerships with. Michael really cut his teeth on programming for the internet during this time, skills that would later be refined to a level of mastery.
  • 1996
    Tristo Web Design Era
    Michael learned about starting and running a business during this time period. The business was assisted by a government start-up loan. The business struggled to stay afloat at first and eventually was dissolved in 1999 to form with 2 partners. During this period Michael had to wear many hats and learn what being your own boss is all about.

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Vaporizer Sales Online retail site for Vaporizers (not ecigarette).
RetailSells products direct to consumer, USA based.


VapeAmerica is the third incarnation of our online Vaporizer shop. VapeAmerica retails the top name brand Vaprorizers such as the Iolite Vaporizer, the Arizer Vaporizer, Arizer Solo Vaporizer and the Magic Flight Launch Box.

Playa Laguna Real Estate

Search Engine Optimization Website and Real Estate Listings Page
SEO page Contains doorway pages and links for


Playa Laguna Real Estate was our first site Dominican Republic Real Estate. After the purchase of we took the old site down. We have relaunched it in August 2014 providing similar functionality of Dominican Real Estate Listings to DRListings in a different format. This site should boost t as the listings link directly to DRL.

ECommerce website design and branding. Full backend to maintain product lines.
SEO Optimization On page search engine optimization.


This site provides Dominican Republic Real Estate listings. We offer the latest listings for Dominican Real Estate. We are powered byDeMutis. Designed and implemented in Canada by DeMutis.

Current Promoted Sites

  • Present 2008

    Real Estate directory for Dominican Republic Real Estate. This site is a great index of all the real estate available in the Dominican Repubilc. We aim to provide a one-stop resource for Dominican Real Estate.

  • Present 2014 is my Android app which is available on google play. You can find it by searching Google Play. I won't say much about it other than its provides head to head sports matchup statistics for upcoming games for the top North American sports. The site is 95% automated and only requires administrator interaction about 8 times a year.

  • Present 2010

    Vaporizer Store

    Vaporizing is much more efficient than smoking. You need fewer of your herb for an equally powerful effect. And because vapor doesn't irritate the lungs, you can keep it inside for longer, thus facilitating the absorption of more of its active components. The Vaporizer Store sells all name brand vaporizers as well as Portable Vaporizers. Many vaporizers will only heat the herb as you inhale, so nothing goes "up in smoke" between puffs.

Past Promoted Projects

  • 2014 2013


    Lubrigard is a b2b business that sells Lubrication Management Systems to business and industry. I worked there from 2012 until 2014. The Lubrigard website was created to index a large number of technical parts and products. They want to focus on Des-Case Breathers for their Search Engine Marketing. I think we did a good job. Take a look. Google search Des-Case Breathers.

  • 2010 2005

    nFusion Canada

    nFusion Canada was our largest seller in the online electronics business. Now this site is a landing page for SEO. This demonstrates how old domains with good page rank and incoming links can be re-purposed to capture that link juice and feed it to the sites you are currently promoting.

  • 2014 2008

    Playa Laguna Real Estate

    Playa Laguna Real Estate was our first site for the Dominican Real Estate. It has since been re-purposed to show the current listings on Another re-purposing but this time using actual dynamic data drawn from the database. I'm not sure if anyone else is doing this for SEO right now.

Some Portfolio Items

Dominican Real Estate

In 2005 DRListings was created to facilitate the need of a major listing service for Dominican Real Estate similar to the Canadian Real Estate Association MLS®, Multiple Listing Service® This gives both buyers and sellers better information and more comparisons when trying to sell or buy real estate in Dominican Republic.

Over the last 9 years the site has grown internationally and referred by most investors or sellers. The site has grown to become the number one site for Dominican Republic Real Estate. Just recently revamped for a custom responsive search solution you will find the site easy to navigate and find specific real estate. All the information you need regarding Dominican real estate transactions can be found here on pages such as Guide to Paradise and Tourism Investment Real Estate.